Sane Fitness Preggers Box Kit: $24.95

A fitness routine for moms-to-be.

"I just wanted to thank you for the pregnancy workout cards…I LOVE them! I used them for the first time last night at the gym. I like how easy they are to use, the clear direction presented of the exercise to be executed and the pictures on each card for body placement, and the helpful tips on what to try to avoid. I like the little lanyard that it comes with so I don’t have to bring the whole box with me, just the cards that I need for that workout. Thank you so much!"  - Michelle, New York City

Why is Sane Fitness Preggers so effective?

The Sane Fitness Preggers workout routine is designed to focus on the second and third trimesters. Your body goes through its most significant changes during this time; this workout includes exercises appropriate for each stage.

Doctors now recommend staying active (if your doctor gives you the ok) throughout your entire pregnancy. If you are in good shape before you get pregnant, it works even better. Use the QuickStart and NextLevel programs to get in pre-pregnancy shape and then Sane Fitness Preggers throughout your pregnancy. You will be back to your pre-baby body in no time at all.

How does it work?

Sane Fitness QuickStart has been approved by my obstetrician for the first trimester of pregnancy once your own doctor has given you the green light to exercise. Since most of your body changes occur in the second and third trimester, Sane Fitness Preggers picks up in week 13 where QuickStart leaves off. This kit contains 8 Maternity Full Body Workouts. Preggers takes you through the 2nd and 3rd trimesters with a safe and easy to follow 24 week program. Every workout and exercise is on an individual card with clear directions on technique and pictures of the exercise (the woman pictured in the kit is 8 1/2 months pregnant, I did not know I was having a 3rd at the time).

I used these workouts during my entire pregnancy and honestly felt great throughout the entire 9 months. No back pain, minimal but healthy weight gain, and I am now back at the gym and feeling great...